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Doan Concrete

A.F. Smith has been a trustworthy electrical service provider to Doan Concrete for many years. When they decided to build a new concrete plant next to the existing plant on their Morgan Road site, we were their obvious choice for the electrical contractor. This extensive design and build project began at a very busy time for us, which meant extra careful planning and coordination.

The perfect person to assign as Project Manager and Designer was Ken Moffitt. Ken is a well-seasoned professional in the industry, so with only a little bit of guidance from A.F. Smith owner, Brian Koepp, Ken did a fantastic job. The next hurdle was appointing the foreman of the project. Despite only recently completing his apprenticeship, we had confidence that John Dishaw could handle it, and indeed he did a fantastic job.

The project consisted of replacing the existing main electrical distribution equipment to accommodate the added loads of the new buildings being built. This was quite an undertaking because not only was the new concrete plant going up, but the new Doan Companies corporate offices were getting built as well.

Once the main distribution was replaced, we provided new main feeders to the new buildings and equipment, provided all associated lighting, miscellaneous power to various pieces of equipment and installed all of the process control equipment associated with the plant. All of this was accomplished while working and coordinating efforts with the owner, general contractor and other trades on the job. Upon completion, both Doan Concrete and us deemed this project a wonderful success!


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