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24-Hour, Emergency Electrical Repair 

Ypsilanti, MI
Have an electrical emergency? Electricians are standing by now!

Electronic Wires
24-7 Emergency Services

Our dedicated service team is available 24/7

Commercial & Residential Services

Fully equipped to service your home or commercial building

State Licensed Electricians

Certified by the State of Michigan

What to do in an electrical emergency

Generally, there are four types of electrical emergencies. Each type has associated steps to take in an occurrence:

Power Outages

These are the most common type of electrical emergencies. You’ll need to turn off the power, check the source, check for damaged wires or breakers. If everything looks in order, contact your power company (DTE or Consumers Energy) to inquire about larger outages. 

If the power outage is not due to the provider, call our team to do a full inspection and make any recommendations to restore power and prevent this from happening again.

Electrical Fires

Your first step is to turn off the main power supply at the breaker. This will help to stop the fire and prevent the risk of shock. Once the power is off, grab a fire extinguisher to put out the flame, and call your local fire department. Even once the fire is put out, there is still a risk of additional flare ups.

Once the fire has been extinguished, contact our team for any repairs and preventative measures.

Electrical Shocks

If someone in your business or home has been shocked, don’t touch them! Turn off the power source and call 911 immediately. Once everyone is safe from any threat, contact our team for an assessment.

Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines are a dangerous threat. Make sure to stay 40 feet away from the wire, and don’t touch any tree or object that the wire is touching. From a safe distance, call your local power company.

AF Smith’s 24-Hour Emergency Service Department

There are a number of additional electrical issues that may not require immediate response from your fire department or utility provider. In these instances, our team is standing by to help with any repair or preventative measures:

  • The smell of burning wires

  • Buzzing or humming breaker boxes

  • Smoke coming from an outlet 

  • An unexplained loss of power

Our dedicated service team of certified and licensed electricians is standing by to assist you. There will be a 2-hour minimum charge for after hours services.


Electronic Wires

"I can't recommend A.F. Smith Electric enough! They were prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and all-around good guys. I've found my new go-to electricians!"

- Janet S., Ypsilanti Resident

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