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Generac Generators

Are you ready for the next power outage?
Find peace of mind with a Generac generator

Private Property
Prepare for the Unexpected

Are you ready for the next power outage? Whether for your home, business or industry, a Generac backup generator prepares you for the unexpected.


A permanently installed generator means you don’t have to lift a finger as it automatically activates whenever the power goes out. A Generac generator is capable of running for hours or even weeks to keep your household running in comfort. Further, Generac makes multiple sizes to fit your needs, whether you prefer to power everything or just the essentials.

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Residential Generators for Your Home

Think of all the electrical appliances and devices in your home that you rely on, from refrigerators and garage doors, to internet, medical equipment, and security systems. The list goes on!

Loss of power is always a nuisance, but it can also mean loss of money due to food spoilage, dining out, hotel costs, as well as damage to expensive electronics. A Generac generator prevents all of this, and keeps your home running smoothly.

Whether you choose to power everything in your home or just the necessities, the next power outage will be far less disruptive with a Generac generator.

Generators for Commercial Spaces

A Generac generator is a sound business decision. Maintaining power means that your doors stay open, often when people need you the most. Imagine how thankful your customers will be when you are there for them during the challenging time of a community’s power outage. 

Your services are vital, and will be even more so when your community loses power. Keep the lights on and your doors open with Generac.

Industrial Requirements for Generators

Our generators have the power to back you up through your entire manufacturing process. This means no disruption or downtime, and no lost revenue. Prevent unnecessary hassles and losses with a Generac generator.

"I can't recommend A.F. Smith Electric enough! They were prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and all-around good guys. I've found my new go-to electricians!"

- Janet S., Ypsilanti Resident

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