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Design/Build Services

Ypsilanti, MI

In-house electrical design and installation for streamlined, effective build-outs 

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Streamlined Processes

Quicker design phase, effective communication, and more efficient processes

State Licensed Electricians

State licensed electricians and registered apprentices

100+ Years in Ypsilanti

The region's top-rated and most experienced electrical team

What is a design/build contractor? 

Typically, the project architect will hire an engineer to create the drawings for a project’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Subcontractors in each of those specialties will then bid the project, and the selected team will complete their work based on the engineer’s drawings. In other words, the contractors are not typically involved in the process until the drawings are complete.

Alternatively, in design/build projects, the contractors are involved throughout the design process. These subcontractors either have in-house engineering teams, or they work together with an outside strategic engineering partner. Collectively, they work with the architect to develop the design.

What are the benefits of using a design/build approach? 

A quicker design phase
It’s not uncommon for the planning and design phase to span multiple weeks, if not months. With design/build projects, the amount of planning meetings, phone calls, and management time are drastically reduced. This means less time planning, and more time for construction. Additionally, it takes time to request and process subcontracting bids. With design/build, this part of the process is cut out, and the project rolls seamlessly from design into construction. 

One electrical team from start to finish
Beyond the time savings of locating, qualifying, and onboarding a new electrical team, there’s no need to search through dozens of subcontractor contacts to get updated on drawings, schedules or design issues. Rather, your design/build electrical contracting firm is the only contact you’ll need to stay on top of the electrical portion of a construction project.

Subcontractor engagement
The higher level of involvement lends itself to a stronger level of engagement within the electrical firm. They are trusted for their expertise. Their thoughts, insights and ideas make tangible differences throughout the project, and they maintain strong accountability.  

What to look for in a Design/Build electrical partner

So, you want to learn more about a design/build approach on your next project. Where do you start?

Here are four qualities to look for in a partner:


  1. Experience with design/build projects

  2. A strong and proven engineering team, whether that's in-house or through a working alliance 

  3. An ability to visualize the full scope of electrical details in a given project, with partial or no drawings

  4. A working knowledge of utility requirements and municipal jurisdiction requirements

Electronic Wires

"I can't recommend A.F. Smith Electric enough! They were prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and all-around good guys. I've found my new go-to electricians!"

- Janet S., Ypsilanti Resident

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