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Ann Arbor Public Schools

The school year has begun, and we're helping to ensure the students, teachers and staff are off to a great start. We spent the summer working in some of our local schools to upgrade HVAC systems, lighting, IT capabilities and fire alarm systems, all while improving the carbon footprints of each building. The scope of our work involved:

  • Replacing the main electrical service to accommodate for new HVAC equipment, as well as for upgrades to aged equipment.

  • Providing electrical distribution and equipment to power new HVAC equipment.

  • Replacing lighting and providing new lighting control to incorporate occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting.

  • Providing infrastructure to expand data cabling for added/expanded IT capabilities.

  • Updating/replacing existing Fire Alarm Systems.

We are immensely proud to have a hand in improving the learning environment of the public schools that serve the people in our community.


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