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Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

A healthy electrical panel, or breaker box, is critical for the safety, comfort and operation of your home. We already rely heavily on our HVAC systems and appliances, and increasingly on our electronics. In fact, for many, electronics have become a necessity for work, school and entertainment. With this in mind, a sound electrical panel has never been more important.

A general rule is that electrical panels should be replaced every 25-40 years, so knowing the age of your home and if the panel has ever been upgraded is important. You should also look for any of these signs that may indicate your panel isn’t functioning properly.

  • Flickering lights

  • Dimming lights when turning on larger appliances

  • Burning or ozone odor

  • Scorch marks on outlets

  • Sparks when plugging in items

  • Small shocks when touching an appliance

  • Warmth around panel or on electrical cords

  • Circuit trips or blown fuses

  • Hissing noise from panel

If any of the above are occurring, contact our team to have the issue evaluated immediately.

What are the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade?

Increased Safety

This is benefit number one! Upgrading your panel is an automatic decrease in the chances of a fire or electrical shock.

Increased Power Capabilities

Between the numerous electronics plugged around our homes, larger TVs and copious appliances, we rely on electricity more than ever. Getting an upgrade means you’ll be prepared for years to come and have the ability to increase power use in your home. Remodeling a bathroom or the kitchen becomes easier, and adding appliances or a hot tub is now a real possibility.

Full or Partial Electrification

More folks are planning for a greener future by lessening their carbon emissions. If you are looking to fully or partially electrify your home, such as with solar panels, an EV charger or all electrical appliances, an upgraded panel could be necessary. Learn more in this video explainer on electrical panels.

Energy-Efficient Home

Increased energy efficiency means less cost to you over time. Updated panels use less energy than outdated panels, which means lower electrical bills.

Once you do upgrade, it’s comforting to know that electrical panels have a very long life. Call us for an estimate when you’re ready to upgrade your electrical panel!


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