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Tips for Saving Energy This Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us.

For many of us Michiganders, keeping our air conditioning running at all times is how we make it through the hottest months. Unfortunately, this comfort can put real stress on our pocket books. Here are a few tips and tricks for decreasing your energy costs while keeping your cool:

  1. Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance: To help your A/C run at peak performance, clean your condenser to get rid of dirt, dust and pollen buildup. Also, change your filter every few months and have the unit checked annually by a professional.

  2. Light Timer Reset: If you have any lights on timers, check that they are set for summer’s longer daylight hours and aren’t coming on too early.

  3. Opt for LED Light Bulbs (every day of the year): Did you know that regular, incandescent light bulbs only use 10%-15% of their energy for light, the rest is wasted heat? Instead, choose LEDs. They are the most energy-efficient bulbs available, using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer.

  4. Change Your Thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is set as high as you and your pets can tolerate. Put it even higher when you’re not at home. Smart thermostats that use WiFi make these transitions even easier and will adjust for peak energy efficiency. Additionally, run fans when you’re at home to circulate the cool air.

  5. Stop Cooking: Okay, not really, but use your oven as little as possible since it adds heat to your home. Instead, use the outdoor grill, microwave, or crockpot, or treat yourself to takeout!

Cheers to saving money, helping the environment and staying cool!


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