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All Roads Lead to Electric Vehicles

Michigan is gearing up for yet another auto industry innovation. Over the course of the next two years, technology will be embedded in two short stretches of road near our auto capital of Detroit. A wireless system, called inductive charging, will allow for electric vehicles to charge while being driven. This will be the first test of this technology on public roadways.

The technology is similar, although on a much smaller scale, to setting a mobile phone on a wireless charger. Coils that are embedded in the pavement will transfer magnetic energy to a receiver mounted under an electric vehicle. Drivers will then simply use a phone app or vehicle control to opt whether or not to pay a fee to charge their car.

A major beneficiary of this system will be the trucking industry. Currently, EV batteries for long-haul semi-trucks are extraordinarily expensive, heavy and time-consuming to charge. Inductive charging would mean smaller, cheaper and more convenient batteries. This in turn means a greener and cleaner future for all of us!

Additionally, improved infrastructure and EV charging solutions means more folks will be choosing to buy electric vehicles. Thankfully, A.F. Smith Electric are experts in EV charging stations for both residential and commercial use. Call us today!

Read here to learn more about Detroit’s electric roads!


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