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A.F. Smith Electric Celebrates 100 Years

Ypsilanti-based electrical contractor achieves a century of service

A.F. Smith Electric, Inc., a Ypsilanti-based electrical contracting company, is celebrating

its 100th anniversary this year.

Since 1920, A.F. Smith Electric’s family-operated team of licensed electricians has

focused on providing each customer with the safest, highest quality electrical work possible.

Back in 1920, residential electricity—and automobiles—were just starting to be adopted widely. A.F. Smith Electric founder, Austin Frederick Smith, began his business by borrowing his son Andrew’s wagon, loading it with electrical devices and tools, and pulling it from door to door performing minor electrical repairs.

One hundred years later, A.F. Smith Electric President Brian Koepp runs the company with Austin Frederick Smith’s vision in mind: providing top-notch electrical services to the community. A.F. Smith Electric originally had an event planned to celebrate its

centennial anniversary, but it was canceled due to COVID-19.

“Although we are not able to celebrate our anniversary in the way we planned, we are

thrilled to have served the community for a century,” Koepp said. “I’m proud of our team for providing blue-ribbon, superior services that routinely exceed industry standards.”

Local business owners have voiced their appreciation for A.F. Smith Electric’s 100-year commitment to the community. Dennis Norton, the owner of Norton’s Greenhouses and Florist Shop, spoke about his company’s relationship with A.F. Smith Electric and their legacy.

“A.F. Smith is truly one of the good guys in the world of legacy businesses in Ypsilanti, and they can rightly be proud of the heritage they are continuing,” Norton said. “I hope the next 100 years will be just as successful as the first 100 years.”


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