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3 Important Electrical Considerations for Large-Scale Commercial Renovations

Do you have a large-scale commercial renovation in the near future? Our team will ensure you have the tools and information you need to make the right decisions every step of the way. From incorporating energy efficiency into your building’s design to choosing a certified and reliable electrical partner for your project, A.F. Smith is here to assist you on your project.

Below are three considerations to keep in mind for your large-scale commercial renovation.

1. Incorporate Energy Efficiency with “Whole Building Design”

As we move toward carbon neutrality, energy efficiency is vitally important. About 20% of all the energy we use in the U.S. goes to power commercial buildings, such as schools and offices. Today’s energy-saving buildings are built with an innovative approach to construction known as "whole-building design." The whole-building approach involves all of the parts of the building being designed and built to work together as a complete system, from top to bottom. By adopting this mindful approach, buildings can be up to 70% more efficient than conventional commercial buildings.

Energy efficiency options for your building include installing solar panels, making sure your installation is high quality, installing green air filtration systems, and more. By utilizing solar power and other energy efficient models, you can reduce your building’s energy bill and increase the overall building efficiency.

A.F. Smith is fully equipped to install energy efficient systems on your next project.

2. Prioritize Health and Safety

We know that improper electrical work can have devastating effects. The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, which is why every A.F. Smith electrician follows strict safety guidelines, as established by electrical codes, regulations, and contractor/worker agreements. Comprehensive safety manuals and training are standard on every job site, guaranteeing both superior quality and worker safety.

Our apprentice program guarantees that apprentices successfully complete more than 40 hours of safety training, including 30 hours of federally approved training, just within the first year of apprenticeship.

3. Make Proactive Security Investments

Modern and thoughtful security will lead to better protection for you, your business, your employees and your clients. No matter your building type, securing your property must be proactive rather than reactive.

Safety and security is greatly enhanced by installing adequate lighting in areas such as parking lots, break areas, stairwells and dark hallways. Consider external motion activated lights and internal lights that make your building look occupied at all times. If your building requires enhanced security, a closed circuit TV system for security cameras is an effective tool for monitoring. Security cameras are tools for recording all activity in your building, and they serve as deterrents and contribute to creating a safe environment for your facility.

Our A.F. Smith team is dedicated to the safety and security of our customers. That’s why we are experts in security network installations, including motion sensor lights and security cameras.

Call our office at 734-482-0977, send us an email or follow us on Facebook for more information about the services our team provides.


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